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A DVD of Vampires in Cyberspace,
the film associated with this web site, is now available at Filmbaby.

Note: This site is a historical record of the first web episodic. Work began in 1995 and the last episode appeared in December 1996. The site contents were captured by the Internet Archive in 1996 (screen capture) as the episodes unfolded. The major changes since then have been to migrate to a larger server that will allow us to have the enitre site up at once. Movies were created with vintage 1995 consumer digital video gear (Hi-8, Miro DC-1, Photoshop 3 and Premiere 4 on a K5-100) and compressed with early versions of Quicktime. Music was saved in .wav format. Pages were laid out with Netscape Navigator Gold, then tweaked in Notepad. Elements are positioned with tables. Accordingly, the site will look different when viewed with different browsers and operating systems. Some of the links to other sites no longer work, as companies have merged, gone out of business, or changed their sites.

The movie Vampires in Cyberspace, partially based on the contents of this site can be viewed at the Internet Archive.

We may, at our option, recompress some of the movies, sound clips and graphics to improve download times, but the source content is exactly the same.