The Visitor in a past life, We enter a Victorian house.

Two women are inside . They are dressed in ball gowns and drinking red wine.

The mysterious man enters.

He has brought presents: one blood red rose, one jewel encrusted dagger. These are hungrily accepted.

The woman with the dagger cuts her hand. As she puts the blood to her tongue the visitor grabs her hand to kiss the wound . His mouth presses against her lips where they taste the blood together.

The other woman is at their side.

The three passionately share kisses, stroking and caressing one another in soft voluptuous embrace.
A wine glass overturns spilling the translucent red liquid. The rose and the dagger now drip with blood.

We see the man draw back his lips to reveal long sharp teeth.

He is biting them. Blood runs from the women's lips to trickle down their necks and bosoms.

Now the women reveal their long canine teeth.
What is the vampire's plan for these women?

Where is he today?


The dream fades to crimson red...