History of the Artists

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Leslie Streit & Robin McCain first met at Ohlone College in the summer of 1989. We've been collobarating on projects ever since.

As Nouveau Performance, we incorporated a non-profit performance art/performing arts organization in San Jose which was active from 1989 to 1995. Our multimedia works have been seen in live performance in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Edinburgh Scotland, on PBS, cable, and independent TV stations throughout the United States, and film festivals around the world.

Moving to San Francisco in 1996 and rebranding ourselves as New Name Performance (new media = new name), we brought the World Wide Web its first cyberperformance, VD 2001, seen globally by over 18,000 people (as of 1997).

Since then, we've continued to fuse the leading edge of technology to the cutting edge of art with film shorts Hospital of the Mind, Eyewitness, and Lavinia's Dream, a web based graphic novel Anarchist.com, and the feature film God Wears My Underwear.

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