The story in a nutshell:

Each evening in the year 2000, millions of people flock to "blood clubs" in every major city worldwide. Here they enjoy Reaturon 650, a drug originally developed as a cure for AIDS, found to be a powerful oral hallucinogen when mixed with free standing blood. The effects of the drug are vivid and pleasurable, the after effects are pervasive and confusing. With everyone in a constant dreamlike state, the time seems ripe for Vlad Dracula, history's original vampire, to stage a comeback that results in global conquest and a new world order.

Vlad chooses the Internet as his vehicle of communication and two women as his real world operatives. By night, these women are frequent blood club patrons, by day they manage network communications linking key government, business and industrial clients.

Vlad speaks to the women on the Internet, divulging his plans to use biochemical weaponry to destroy agribusiness and infect world food supplies. He will then seize the opportunity for global domination while nations battle each other for their own survival. Vlad promises the women wealth, power, and abundant carnal pleasure in his vampire domain.

Still under the influence of Reaturon 650, the women begain a journey into cyberspace where they have agreed to meet Vlad. Later that same afternoon, they are on the street...

The women travel the crowded street, arriving home suspicious that they have been watched and followed. In a stream of consciousness existence, they see Vlad as the primeval lord of the forest dispatching his words through his electronic messengers. They dream about the cave where vampires were created..

Newcasts report rampant war, starvation, and disaster from every corner of the globe. Vlad's new world order has already begun. These women have been recruited as Vlad's real time agents. As their reward, they are immersed in extravagantly pleasurable interludes with their demon lover.

Returning to work at Blue Cube Station the following morning, Operators 31 and 82 receive a transmission from the Congeries, a secret society devoted to defeating Vlad. . These are the people that have been following them. The Congeries ask the women for their help before it is too late.

Following the instructions of the Congeries, Operators 31 and 82 set out to destroy Vlad's pesticide supplies. Sneaking into his warehouse, late at night, they set a number of remote controlled explosive devices. As they try and escape, the bombs are prematurely triggered, blasting Vlad and the women into space.

In a final rush of visions and dreams, the women float with Vlad in space. Cascading back to earth, they are again in the blood club preparing for the evening's revelry. With Vlad's piercing laughter still echoing in their ears, they wonder if they'll ever meet him again.

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